Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Two: June 26, 2012

Sleep caught up with me a little, and I slept in. Allison and I started our walk at 9 this morning, and headed in the opposite direction. It was cool when we started, but warmed up quickly, as we walked mostly in the sun this time.

6.5 miles later, we were both spent. I knew that I needed to nap earlier to get caught up on sleep. So I went directly to bed and slept for several hours, until getting up to cook dinner for my partner and me, and sitting down to do some work.

I think I am fully caught up from the days past, but unfortunately, I find myself up at 1:00am after only 3-hours of sleep. So the sleep saga might continue ...

I thought that I would weigh myself today, technically day 3, as it's 5:31 on Day Three. No walk yet. I didn't expect to see any change, if anything a fluctuation upward. So it was a nice surprise to see 255.2 on the digital face.

Allison and I plan on cross training with bikes. Mine is currently at our local bike shop getting repaired. We have two main routes that are easy to follow and nicely trailed, but I think that I might convince her to take a third route, a little more urban, walking the sidewalks and of the main streets of our city.

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