Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fact or Fiction

I've been watching a lot of television since I got Netflix streaming. I find that the documentary offerings are really pretty interesting. A few days ago, I watched a documentary about plastic surgery, and listened to the wife of a surgeon comment on her "miracle wrap" providing the same effects as liposuction, for a short time.

I had to google to find out what she was talking about - and found it! The wrap is simple: Hemorrhoid Cream, plastic wrap, and warm towels for 1-hour on the spots you want to immediately slim down. Surely this is a quick and temporary fix, but I wonder how much of a change it'll make if it's done daily along with the current routine Allison and I are undertaking.

Now, the main ingredient in Hemorrhoid cream is Pramoxine HCI, it's what stops the itch. The next is Phenylephrine. The warnings for these two are pretty sturn ... but I wonder if it applies if used topically on areas other than the rectum? Phenylephrine is a base to some methamphetimines, and can cause hypertension when ingested, but again, when applied topically, do the water-based compounds provide the same risk of restlessness and insomnia?

I am going to give it a try! After all, I've used Hemorrhoid cream on my lower eyes and don't remember having any negative side effects. So - let's give it a try. One full week - starting June 28th. I'll rub down with cream and wrap up in cellophane before walking with Allison and see what happens, if anything!


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